Dr. Hanna's Library of books gives you the tools needed for complete cellular nutrition. Including recipes for meals and vegetable creams (VEGGIE CREAM!) essential for complete nutrition, program guides for people suffering from CANCER, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, DIABETES, ADD, DEPRESSION, OBESITY, LACK OF ENERGY AND MANY MORE!

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Getting Started!
Feel Well For Life Guide - Book I (PDF)
The Food Cream Book (PDF)
The Marinated Salad Book (PDF)

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Be Your Own Practitioner

Learn How To Benefit From Cellular Nutrition. A summary of all Dr. Hanna's concepts, programs and nutrition.

Details specific programs for people suffering from Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Chemical Imbalances, Allergies, Arthritis, Lack of Energy and many more!

In BYOP you will learn about:
• Why we develop disease
• Why we develop sick and old cells
• The four factors that lead to disease
• Damaged cell membranes
• Inherent genetic weaknesses
• Damaged genes
• Lack of oxygen

Downloadable PDF: $20.00

Fell Well For Life Book I

This book contains self-help instructions, procedures & recipes
to rejuvenate the body and skin.

It discusses the Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program and how
Live Energy “Quick” Foods are used and how they work.

Learn why a holistic approach is the best way to go. Learn how to: achieve optimal health and wellness, prevent premature aging, create greater energy and vitality.
Control weight, obesity, reverse illness, and degenerative diseases.

Downloadable PDF: $20.00


Feel Well For Life Book II

PART 1: Provides you with a step by step guide for an internal as well as an external skin rejuvenation process. Includes a variety of face neck exercises to maintain healthy skin and muscle tone. Includes recipes for non-synthetic cosmetics that you can easily make at home.
PART 2: The Science Behind Cell-Pure Para-Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation
PART 3: Homemade Skin-Care Recipes
PART 4: Testimonial

Personal accounts and results of individuals who after engaging in the Skin Rejuvenation program have achieved not only healthier skin but also over-all health throughout their bodies.

Downloadable PDF: $15.00


This book is not about the function of your cells. This book recounts the events in Dr. Hanna’s life that lead up to her discovery about foods that heal.
During her medical studies she was continuously exposed to chemicals in the workplace including radiation. Over time she became ill and tried conventional medicines and nutritional supplements only to receive poor results.
She spent thousands of dollars on practically every product on the market but her symptoms only became worse. She was forced to find an alternative and started researching the benefits of raw, live and whole foods. She concluded that foods in these forms have special healing powers. Along her journey of discovery she compiled her findings in books including Cell-Orium.

Downloadable PDF: $17.00

Cell-Ology - The Concept

This book explains, in a variety of short overviews, how the body works and why it is important to understand it’s functions when treating any kind of disease or illness. It also discusses why you need certain foods and nutrients to maintain a healthy and balanced state of well-being as well as what foods create a harmful environment
for the cells and the entire body.

It will also explain what the cells are made of and why they function the way they do. In the book’s introduction, Dr. Hanna talks about the foundation for developing her
program and how she discovered the possibility of reversing the aging process of cellular metabolism

Downloadable PDF: $20.00

Cell-Ology - The Program

Acquaint yourself with the actual Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program. Learn what each step will accomplish. The best part of our Program is that "you do not have to change your existing diet" (unless you choose to customize your Program - Step 5 ). The first 4 steps are the self-help portion for those with no health challenges, this plan is excellent.

We know, some people may choose to only do the first step... that's OK because the nutrients they will add to the diet with CELL-PURE FOOD, Food Support Supplements and Green Ambrosia will far-exceed anything they have ever tried before!

Downloadable PDF: $15.00

The Food Cream Book

This recipe book begins your Cell-Pure process with the addition of 7 or 8 varieties of fresh raw vegetables to your diet each day. Normally this would be very time consuming, but the Food Cream concept makes this very easy to achieve.

Food Creams are very easy to prepare and can be made right before using or prepared in advance and stored for up to 1 month. You will find that the addition of Food Creams to your daily intake of foods will increase you energy, normalize your weight and help your body will more fully utilize food supplements. All this without changing your regular diet unless, of course, you are on a customized program.

Downloadable PDF: $15.00

The Marinated Salad Book

This recipe book will show you an easy, delicious way to add another 7 or 8 more varieties of fresh, raw organic vegetables to your daily diet, making a total of 15 or more varieties each day.

The fact is, we should be consuming 15 to 20 varieties of fresh, raw vegetables each day. With Food Creams and Marinated Salads this becomes doable. The book contains all the procedures to prepare and store raw vegetables to retain the nutrients for up to 1 month. Also included are recipes for delicious fresh salads, dressings, dips, pate, fresh toppings and condiments to add a variety of tastes to your foods. Again, no need to change your regular diet (unless, of course, you are on a customized program).

Downloadable PDF: $10.00

The Bridge Menu - I & II

The Bridge Menu is for individuals who choose to change over to a complete diet of natural foods. These recipes include healthy, cooked foods including desserts to complete the total transition. People on a customized program will receive these books to use after the cleansing and rebuilding part of their program is close to completion.

Book I - This is your instruction book for the Dr. Hanna Institute method of shopping for food, preparing fresh raw vegetables, cooking methods and recipes that are easy to digest and assimilate, food storage methods that make it easy to prepare your foods in advance for 1-2 weeks and simple menus for you to follow for a 4 weeks.

Book II - This is a reference recipe book for all the foods contained in
The Bridge Menu Book 1 plus many additional recipes for you to try.

Downloadable PDF: $25.00


A Short Overview

This book explains the steps of the entire Cell-Pure Para-Therapy Program in 3 parts.

Part 1: The Science of Cellular Nutrition.
Part 2: Why are We Developing Disease.
Part 3: Nutritional Deficiency of Disease-Based on Scientific Research.

This book is essential for those people who are ready to begin Dr. Hanna's program. It includes an explanation of what kinds of nutrients will help rebuild your sick, weak and old cells for people with health conditions.

Program Support

The complete product line for the Self-Help program along with dosages for children, teenagers, individuals, parents and grandparents.

Consultation and training for the customized program for people who
suffer from serious illness and disease.

What you can recieve from a private consultation.

The Program Support Book is a free supplement to the Short Overview Book.