Live Your Life Free From Disease
and Chronic Illness by...

Strengthening Immune & Genetic Factors In Your Cells!


Preparing Energy! The Holistic "Medical" Foods Program from The Dr. Hanna Institute.

Rebuild the function of sick and old cells in your body.
Gain Energy and Improve Your Quality of Life while strengthening your immune system.

25 years ago Dr. Hanna Karwacka discovered why nutritional supplements do not restore the function of sick and old cells. This discovery led her to research and explores the possibilities of developing recipes to achieve the goal of rebuilding the function of sick and old cells.


• The Food Cream Book (PDF)
• The Marinated Salad Book (PDF)
• Feel Well For Life Guide - Book I (PDF)

These three books outline our complete nutrition programs, while teaching you how to prepare and store raw meals with protein, fibers and vegetables. The recipes will keep your vegetables fresh for 2 weeks to 4 months using organic lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil as a preservative.

• Recipes include the 44 Essential nutrients your body needs each day
• Consist of ingredients available at your local grocery store
• Protein penetrates damaged cell membranes
• Tested on PEOPLE – NOT ON ANIMALS, with over 25 years of testimonials.

• Save money on your monthly grocery bill while improving your health!


Instantaneously normalizes

• Digestive System
• Cholesterol Level
• Blood Sugar/Blood Level
• Bodies pH Level
• Weight Maintenance
• Elimination Process
• Clears Your Mind
• Energy Levels

Long Term

• Strengthen RNA/DNA
• Reactivates Silencing Genes
• "Heals" and kills germs in your whole body - specifically in colon
• Slowly Diminishes "False  Neurotransmitters" which creates a loss of concentration, anger,
depression, suicide.
• Diminishes diabetic symptoms
• Diminishes allergies for dairy, gluten, nuts & pollution.


• How to prepare and store raw organic protein.
"Feel Well for Life Guide Book I" teaches you what combinations of raw organic seeds, nuts, vegetable seeds and fibers (bran) you should use for your proteins and what products Dr. Hanna offers to make this possible. These ingredients are available in FiberTein and VeggieTein (available through

• How to prepare and store raw organic vegetable cream.

• Recipes for vegetable creams are available in "The Food Cream Book" and "Feel Well for Life Guide Book I". These recipes save your time and money along with providing all the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes and vegetable protein your body needs for optimum health.

• How to prepare and store raw organic marinated salads.

• Marinated salads are available in "The Marinated Salad Book". Including unique and important combinations of vegetables in shredded or chopped form which are easy to digest and give you the nutrients your body needs each day for optimum health.