In my initial phase of research, I learned that by eating a specific combination of organic vegetables daily they could provide the body with the essential nutrients it desires. However I soon realized that by blending this combination into a cream (Veggie Cream) form the nutrients were readily absorbed into the bloodstream so they could actually go to use immediately. This combination includes vegetables from the cruciferous family which contain molybdenum and sulforophane, effective in fighting cancer.

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Below is a chart that has been reprinted from the New York Times (1994) showing certain relationships food may have in the prevention of cancer. This information has become so popular and has been included in a variety of recent publications, I wanted to share it with you here.

Exerpt from The Food Cream Book ©1994-2000


Researchers hope they can concentrate cancer-fighting substances normally found in edible plants and add them to ordinary foods.

Food Item


Indoles from
vegetables of the
cabbage family
(cabbage, broccoli,
cauliflower, mustard
greens, kale, etc...)

Inactivate estrogen, which can
promote some cancers,
especially breast cancer.

Sterols from

Helps the body
excrete cholesterol
Terpenes from
citrus fruits

Limit synthesis of cholesterol
in the body and stimulate
enzymes to block the action
of carcinogens

from parsley

Block sythesis of prostaglandins
that promote cancer and
disarm the potent
carcenogen benzopyrene

Isoflavones from
legumes (peanuts,
beans and peas)

Block estrogen receptors and
inactivate cancer gene enzymes
Lignans from
Flax Seed

Interfere with estrogen action
on tissues susceptible to cancer;
and omega-3 polyunsaturated
fatty acids that block action of
cancer promoting prostaglandins.

from rosemary

Interfere with action of
cancer causing substances.

Triterpenoids from
licorice root

Stifle rapidly dividing cells, such
as cancer cells. Inhibit cancer
promoting prostaglandin
estrogens prompt precancerous
cells to develop normally and
prevent tooth decay by inhibiting
the main decay causing bacteria.


reprinted from the New York Times.

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