Rejuvenate the body and skin by maintaining the healthy function of your cells and organs.

  Dr. Hanna Karwacka has developed a specific combination of raw organic vegetables and raw organic protein to simultaneously cleanse and nourish your cells. This combination is prepared on a molecular level that preserves native enzymes and electrolytes (natural receptor) to help the human and animal body to:
        a) Maintain healthy function of all cells and organs.
        b) Diminish developing diseases.
        c) Recover from diseases - even cancer.

Dr. Hanna’s Path to creating these products.

25 years ago Dr Hanna discovered why nutritional supplements do not restore the function of sick and old cells. This discovery led her to research and explore the possibilities of developing a product line to achieve the goal of rebuilding the function of sick and old cells.

After 25 years of research and feedback from the public Dr. Hanna has developed and manufactured her nutritional products while publishing her concept in her library of 12 books.
Understand the source of developing disease and why we are aging at an accelerated rate.

We accumulate:

a) Germs in the intestinal tract, mainly in the colon. Mostly of us are born with germs: putrefactive bacteria, microscopic parasites, worm, fungus, virus.
See more information in book Cell-Ology Book II – Program. Copyright 1997.

b) These germs release toxins into the blood and all organs creating a chemical imbalance in every cell.
c) Food accumulates and stays in the colon for a long time, even a years worth of undigestible pieces of animal, sushi and processed foods. In the colon germs grow faster and increase every day, releasing more toxicity.

c) The toxicity accumulation creates all types of disease including cancer and “False neurotransmitters”, a term I developed to explain abnormal function of the brain.  
See info in book “Be your own Practitioner”. Copyright 2005.

d) Disease is first developed in your organs as a result of a weak immune system.
We are born with 10 inherences weakness.

Understand How to Strengthen Your Immune System.

a) To clean up toxins from your cells they must maintain strong organelles. Organelles work like a defensive system inside the cell (peroxisomes and other organelles).

 b) To accomplish this each cell must receive nutrients which absorb toxins inside the cell. The toxins must also be eliminated while the nutrients simultaneously nourish damaged organelles. The cells need a short time to strengthen their immune system and recover from damage.

c) This must be done with nutrients delivering receptors familiar to the cells – see book Cell-ology Concept Book I. Copyright 1997.

Understand why Nutritional Supplements are not the answer to rebuild the function of sick and old cells.

a) Nutritional supplements lose the familiar receptors to your cells during processing.
    See information in book Cell-ology Program Book II. Copyright 1997.

Understanding the “Dr. Hanna 16” line of products.

Only foods with familiar receptors to your cells can penetrate the damaged cell membrane and restore the function of sick and old cells.

A specific combination of raw organic vegetables and raw organic protein prepared at a molecular level. This preparation preserves the native enzymes and electrolytes (natural receptor). These foods are instantly converted to smaller molecules like peptides and neuropeptides to help the humans and animals to:
a) Maintain the healthy function of all cells and organs
B) Diminish developing diseases
C) Recover from disease - even cancer!

     The Dr. Hanna 16 product line is the combination of raw organic ground (not powdered) to a specific size seeds, nuts and vegetable seeds. These foods contain native enzymes and electrolytes.
1) This combination and preparation of foods diminishes and kills germs in the intestinal tract, blood stream and organs.

Why no fruit? Stress – people under stress have high levels of acid. Fruit only adds to this acidity, need to alkalize the body.

Understand eating the “Dr. Hanna 16 line” on an empty stomach every day.

a) Inhibit and kill growing germs in intestinal tract.

b) Diminish and remove toxicity in the cells.

c) Increase the growth of the Lacto bacilus family.
    See book Cell-Ology Book II – Program. Copyright 1997.

d) Nourish cells with the 44 nutrients your body needs every day for optimum health.
    In our normal diets we consume only a portion of these nutrients every day.
    This creates a lack of energy and develops disease.

e) Diminish allergies to several foods by removing toxicity and strengthen the immune
     system in your cells.

f) After you fill up your stomach and intestinal tract with Dr. Hanna 16 you can eat
    your favorite foods.


Long Term:

1) Strengthen RNA and DNA

2) Reactivates Genes. See book “Be Your Own Practitioner”. Copyright 2005

3)  Kill germs every day in your whole body, including the colon.
     If we clean and maintain the colon without germs we can live without disease
     up to 128 years according to our genetic code.
     See book “Cell-Orium. Copyright 1997.

Instantaneously Normalizes:

1) Digestive system.
2) Cholesterol level.
3) Blood sugar /blood level.
4) Body PH level.
5) Weight maintenance.
6) Elimination process.
7) Clears the mind.
    Slowly diminishes “False Neurotransmitters” which create: Loss of concentration,
    anger, depression, suicide and aggression.

Dr. Hanna’s Suggestion.

1) For sick people:
On an empty stomach eat my combination of raw, organic vegetables and protein.
See directions on labels and recipes in the books “Feel Well For Life Guide Book 1”, “The Food Cream Book” and “The Marinated Salad  Book”.
 2) For healthy people:
Instantly increase energy and vitality by eating “Rejuvenation Bars” and “PowerBlast”.
See website: